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Apr 23

Doctor Who/Monsters Inc.

Parody art request? Two scenes… kind of ironic now I think about that number >.>

The scene where the Doctor has to send Jamie home reminded me of when Sully had to take Boo back to her room.

I’d like a parody of that scene AND the scene where the door is back together and Sully returns to find Boo… Second Doctor returning to find Jamie.

This thought has been in my head! I’m not going through the insanity and heartbreak of it alone!

Apr 22


Two | Jamie

I swear they were married


Character Tropes Jamie McCrimmon 

It’s been 2hrs… I’m a mess

might be easier to shoot me


everything i love about the two era in one video :)

I fell in love with these 2 and am now going through withdrawals T^T

Apr 21

I just finished every episode for the Second Doctor of “Doctor Who”

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