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Apr 19

What do I want?

Beautiful Eyes: I have to see you

Beautiful Voice: I have to hear you

Beautiful Personality: I have to live with with you

Don’t worry. You only have to be beautiful to me. Because I will love you with all my heart you’ll be perfect.

Apr 18

Apr 17


Sometimes you just feel the need to see your favorite character breathing heavily and covered in blood 

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Apr 14

Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.




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Apr 11

So, amidst all the Bucky/Steve shipping my mind actually managed a moment of clarity where it came to a rather funny conclusion… Steve broke the ships… that Tony built…

Steve: Damnit, Tony, will you let it go already?

Tony: You broke my battleships

Steve: Well, that’s kind of splitting hairs. I didn’t do it alone. There wa-HEY!! *gets hit with army of spit wads, looks around, no one there, glares anyway*

Tony: I don’t care! Do you know what I went through to build those things? Do you even remember the time I spent INSIDE those things?! You’d better *glares* You were late enough turning it off

Steve: Splitting hares again *pouts*

“I missed you” Hatter acted by Andrew Lee Potts in “Alice" (2006)

Apr 10

I just finished every episode for the First Doctor of “Doctor Who” @.@

Still don’t think you need to watch BBC’s “Primeval”?

Apr 9

murasakiyosei asked: Thank you for the multi-language song from “Frozen”. It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t get enough of it. I would love to have more songs like this if it’s possible.


I’ve done a few multi-language songs because they are my favourite

Thank you so incredibly much! I have a language blog and I reblogged that song there (I hope you don’t mind 0.0) and it seems to be ok there so far (no one gives feedback so, oh well). I’m hoping to reblog some more things like it on there.

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