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I'm strange, have an OCD for information and media, interests that range from cutesy to geeky to kinky, and am completely boring from being mostly bedridden for the last 8yrs due to medical conditions/illnesses. I'm quite open and love to flirt but not cybering. Feel free to go through my contacts and stalk me ^_^ Just jump right in and talk with me about anything and everything like we've known each other forever.

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Sep 16

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If the internet is changed this blog will be shut down as it cannot be payed for. The Etsy shops, that are my only means of income, will be shut down as the internet it uses will be too much to pay for. The Wordpress I use for therapy will be kept from me because I can’t pay for it. The sites I use to watch/download my shows and films will be completely out of reach forever and the distractions I use from my anxiety will be gone and it will be back to the medication. So many more sites will be kept from this mostly bedridden person (8yrs and going) because they want to make more and more money off of people who already can’t pay (hence the existence of hackers).

I will literally lose more than 90% of all contact with the world beyond the reach of my bed just so someone else living the good life can make an extra buck for a latte. How much will YOU lose?

Yes, this is also me. I am both murasakinezumi + murasakiyosei

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Sep 14


"how are you wearing a sweater in this weather" dedication. insecurity. dedication and insecurity

dedication TO insecurity

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Sep 13
Even if it was meant to end in hanging, the man I had seen at Fort William was a cat by nature. He could no more resist the chance to play with this particular mouse than he could alter his height or the color of his eyes.,

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That was…freaking hardcore creepy (and I picked the least disturbing shots I could). 

Randall, have you thought of seeing a therapist? And maybe getting some anti-psychotics? Because you need them, dude. I’d also recommend a BDSM club but even in the unlikely event they had them back then, you do not seem the type to be into safe words of any sort, so perhaps not. Hardcore meds it is. And maybe a long walk off a short pier.

Oh, and Jamie clearly has at least one thing in common with Claire - an utter inability to keep his mouth shut even when he knows that could lead to bad things. Baiting a violent lunatic who has chained you up and is wielding a whip is not really the most self-preserving course of action. 

Also, that was enough of BJR’s creepiness and violence. I think we are good for the rest of the season and can omit later book scenes, right? Right? Pretty please? 


On only a marginally related note - why is he the only one not wearing a wig? His black soul is so black he cannot have anything white around him, not even a wig? He has horrible wig allergies which are the thing that make him brutal? He only wears the hair of the men he’s killed and none of them had wigs? What?


So, I haven’t shipped a pairing this much since WBDS @.@ Yes, the movie was excellent (Korea finally made an actual thriller and not just an excuse to make money off a “pretty boy”) but the acting abilities and chemistry between these 2 were amazing.


An actual thriller from Korea and not just a mockery of a plot thrown together as an excuse to show off a hot guy?! I’m in shock! They really did it! :O

You guys should truly check this one out

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